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Health and Weightloss Coaching

If your health is suffering and you need support to get back to physical and mental wellbeing, health coaching could be for you.

I work with clients who have cancer, weight issues, eating disorders, digestive problems and those experiencing pain and anxiety.

Even if a cure is not available, my health coaching programme will allow you to live more easily with the symptoms and even get back to enjoying your life.

Health coaching is tailored to the individual and can include facilitating weight loss, improving health issues, addressing sabotage patterns, time management, recipe ideas, menu planning, increasing confidence and self esteem, food allergies, detoxing/fasting, creating an exercise programme, work/life balance.

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Nutritional Consultation in Balham

This session involves personal nutritional advice based on a health questionnaire and a food diary that you fill out before the session.

  • Nutritional information on the best way for you to eat in order to have maximum long term health and if necessary, permanent weight loss.
  • A Tanita scales analysis on weight including fat percentage, water content, muscle mass, visceral fat, metabolic age, metabolic rate.
  • An action plan of the changes you can make to your diet and how you are going to incorporate them.
  • Low GL Menu Plans
  • An understanding of the psychology of eating ie that how you think, influences your food choices

Additional Support coaching may be necessary

Book your session here £250 for 2 hours

Detox & Juice Fasting

A detox or juice fast could benefit you if you have digestive problems, skin complaints or a history of recreation, pharmaceutical drugs or alcohol consumption. It is also great to kick start a healthier way of life.

Fasting benefits most people. The length and type of detox or fast will vary according to an individual’s symptoms and requirements.
Toxic overload causes mental and physical discomfort. Even though the body is able to process a level of toxicity, our modern world has many hidden pollutants that were not prevalent 100 years ago.

Fasting improves the physical functions of the body, and allows a deeper connection with our inner awareness. The mind becomes sharp and clear allowing for increased productivity and an ability to be un-phased with the stresses of life. As the body becomes less acidic, inflammation decreases and flexibility improves.

Book a consultation 90 minutes £150

Workshops & Talks

If you would like me to deliver a talk or workshop, please get in touch and let me know your area of interest.

Previous topics I have spoken on are:

  • Balance blood sugar and energy for greater clarity and productivity
  • What is healthy eating and how to stick to a healthy eating programme for life
  • What’s making me fat? Understanding which foods to eat and the psychology of eating.

Workshops including recipe demos can be created around many topics such as

  • Seasonal Vegetarian Cooking
  • Alternative Sweet Treats
  • Raw Food
  • Supercharged Breakfasts and Snacks

Contact me to learn more

Health Food Cooking

There is a lot more emphasis on eating healthily these days but knowing what that means for you as an individual can be confusing. If you would like to understand what food you should be eating and how to prepare them, book in a consultation to find out

  • What’s the right diet for you
  • How to create a health food kitchen
  • How to make eating healthy easy
  • How to fit healthy eating into your lifestyle
  • Menu Planning Tips
  • Recipe Suggestions

I was a private chef and caterer for 15 years and have taught workshops on vegetarian cuisine, raw food, vegan cooking and sugar free baking.

Book an initial consultation here 90 minutes £150
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