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“In order to change we must be sick and tired of being sick and tired.”
-Author Unknown

Do you want more energy, mental clarity and optimal health?

I’m guessing that you know the basics of what a healthy life looks like, so what stops you creating that for yourself?

Are you content to live with ‘minor’ health complaints assuming that it will go away eventually?

Would you like to be able to hear and trust your body’s inner wisdom in order to be able to live a life in a body that feels amazing most of the time.

Family history of bowel cancer and the state of my own health in my 20s led me to explore what is optimal health and what creates it. Now 18 years on, I very rarely get ill, my body feels great and I have loads of energy. My research has come down to one conclusion, environment. The state of our gut and our mind is essential for health.

I’ve discovered what causes the psychological patterns that we create around food and eating habits and how to create an optimal environment in the gut to facilitate digestion, absorption and detoxification.

Combining my previous skills as a chef and my coaching training, I advise on eating plans to suit the individual and am able to incorporate Vegan, Low GL and Raw Food recipes that look and taste great! Health Coaching helps you to understand how the mind functions and connects you to your inner wisdom so that you understand what you need to do to become healthier and happier.

Some of the health programs I offer:

Healthy Recipes:

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