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Lower Back Relief
  • Yoga

Do you often suffer from lower back pain? Sitting for lengths of time and exercising without stretching can cause the hamstring muscles i.e. the back of the thighs to become tight. When this happens, those muscles can pull and cause discomfort in the lower back. Stretch them out regularly, especially after a workout or run to help prevent injury and to create flexibility that supports the lower back.

Here are 2 easy exercises

Hamstring Stretch

Lie on your back with both legs bent and feet hip width apart on the floor.

Bring one knee into the chest and place a soft belt or towel over the ball of the foot. Straighten the leg as much as possible. Hold it and breathe. For more stretch straighten the other leg along the floor keeping the toes pointing upwards. Hold for up to 5 minutes and repeat with the other leg.


Start in all 4s with your hands directly under your shoulders, straight arms and knees under your hips.

Slide your right knee forward to the outside of your right hand. Slide your pelvis back and rest on your elbows.

Keeping your pelvis level you may be able to drop your chest to the floor, relaxing your arms to the floor. If this doesn’t happen easily stay on your elbows.

Hold and breathe for up to 5 minutes and repeat on the other leg

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