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How The Mind Works

Michael Neil is one of my favourite teachers of the 3 Principles. His caffeine for the soul blog is an excellent place to start if you want a better understanding of how our psychological understanding is responsible for how we experience life.

The 3 Principles first put into words by Sydney Banks are an attempt to explain the formless energy behind all of creation including our human understanding of how life works.

Trying to explain through words alone can never do justice to the magnitude of this understanding and as I see it, the human brain is not currently evolved to fully understand it completely.

Teachers of the 3 Principles have found that metaphors can help to understand the 3 Principles at a deeper level.

This is Michael Neill’s brilliant metaphor for how life works. I’m not great with technology but this really clarified it for me.

We all have an inner Spark – that part of us that guides us and is the source of our creativity. Imagine this inner Spark is like a Wi-fi signal that’s always on, wherever you go and whatever’s going on in your world. You can’t see it, but you know it’s there and you can use it to access whatever resources you need in the very moment you need them. Without it, nothing works.
Thought gives you the power to evaluate, imagine, and remember. It’s how we create life moment to moment. If the Spark of the mind is like Wi-fi, Thought is like the apps that you have on your phone. The possibilities are limitless and there are always tons of options. Whatever app you’re using right now will create the experience you’re having right now. Change apps and you’ll have a completely new experience.
Consciousness is your awareness of what you’re thinking and feeling and of whatever’s going on in your life. Essentially, it’s you. Without consciousness, you wouldn’t even know you exist. If your Spark is like Wi-fi and Thought is like apps, Consciousness is the device you experience them with – your phone, tablet, or computer. It’s the way you interface with the world.
What this means is that you are the source of your own experience. Everything you think, you feel; everything you feel, you experience.
Let’s take the analogy a little bit further. You know how sometimes you feel a bit lost or overwhelmed? That’s like having too many apps on your phone and running out of storage. You can’t add anything new until you let go of some of the old ones. If your device is running slow, you need to close out of the apps that are already open to get the most out of the next one you open. And if you’re really not liking the experience you’re having (i.e. the app you’re using), you can always press the “Home” button and get a fresh start…

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