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I’m happier than I ever thought I could possibly be and can’t thank Louise enough.

After a somewhat turbulent few years following the breakdown of my relationship I was recommended to see Louise via a good friend. As someone who is very head strong and independent it took me a bit of time to get my head around what I was doing but Louise was very welcoming and made me feel at ease right away.

The sessions weren’t easy, but then they aren’t meant to be! Slowly I began to work through everything that was bothering me; interestingly a lot of things I buried so deep I didn’t know they were there! It was such a rewarding journey, my sessions with Louise totally transformed my life. The strength she gave me created the most amazing chain of events; I sold the flat that I had bought with my ex buying a much bigger place in a brand new area.

After gaining the confidence to give internet dating another go and a couple of not so good dates I finally met the most amazing man. He is everything I hoped I would find in a partner and best friend and the guy I feel I waited my whole life to meet. It’s been a bit of a whirlwind but it’s been fun. We have been inseparable since we met, moving in together after only 5 days of knowing each other! He came to Australia with me and met my family and asked my parents permission to marry me!

The wedding will now be at the end of next year as we are due to welcome our first baby into the world in the summer. My boss is leaving the company at the end of the year and I start a new role with him in the new year and we added a fur baby to the family; Winston is a 10 week old English Bulldog and super cheeky but lots of fun, and good practice ahead of August!

I couldn’t recommend Louise and her approach enough. It has changed my life for the better in so many ways.

I met Louise when essentially I felt my life had crashed in front of me. I was in a top position in my job but completely burnt out and approaching 40 realising ‘I’m not living the life I envisioned for myself’ at all. I felt like I was having a mid-life crisis and felt utterly in despair.

It was only after my coaching sessions that I was able to look at the same problems and bad habits I had been facing for years in a whole new light and put steps in place to create a dramatic change. I am amazed at what the power of simply changing my mindset and the power of believing anything is possible has done for my life, my marriage and it has given me the confidence to pursue a whole new journey in my life I never dreamt possible.

Louise has now given me the courage to follow my instinct with conviction and life has changed immeasurably for the better.

I turned to Louise for consciousness coaching after a difficult couple of years personally. I was stuck in a rut and could not see a way out. However, after just 6 sessions with Louise I was able to close off the issues that had taken up so much of my time and energy and focus my time on discovering my true life purpose.

Louise’s key skills are lifting the fog and confusion that surround life choices and managing the fears associated with them. It’s also great to know that Louise is always on hand for refresher sessions if needed. If you are interested in consciousness coaching and its benefits, then look no further than Louise, I have no doubt it will be a hugely positive experience for you.

Louise Ramsden -the best coach ever, and I mean it from my experience with different techniques.

Her methods function every time no matter what your aim is. I have changed my life completely since I met her and this only in a few months time. My career is amazing, my health improved so much and also I managed to fix my relationship beyond my greatest expectations. Consciousness Coaching is very powerful and I would recommend Louise from the bottom of my heart.

I have learned so much and you will always have a place in my heart.

I am now half way through my second set of coaching sessions. It’s been an incredible and wonderful journey so far. You have helped me to open my eyes and my heart to see and appreciate what is inside and how that impacts and affects everything outside. For that I can never thank you enough.

Louise has made me more confident and excited about my life in the past 8 weeks than I have been for years!

Through her coaching, I have found the belief that I can achieve anything I put my mind to, and in fact, I have achieved loads just in the last 8 weeks! If you feel stuck in a rut or feel there’s more you can do with your life, I highly recommend going to see Louise. In just 2 months, you will feel happier, more positive and will know you can achieve anything.

I recommend Louise without hesitation – The ease and calm in my life that I have created as a result of the programme is priceless.

I first met with Louise for a Nutrition session which was very helpful in highlighting what was good/bad and open for improvement with my diet – her hints and tips meant I’ve had a lot more energy and am making much better choices. As a result of this session I also decided to undertake the Consciousness Coaching programme.

I was well aware of the power of positive thinking but wasn’t aware that my thoughts could be equally powerful in holding me back from realising my true potential. Completing the program was like hitting the reset button in terms of what I value and the way I see myself and what I prioritize in my life.

Louise is a gem, she has a wonderful way of working with you – she doesn’t impose her opinion or thoughts, everything came from inside me, but she helped me unpeel the layers until I found out really what was causing me to feel a certain way. And although I was often surprised about the answers, they always made sense and when I worked on the solution the result was liberating.

I was feeling a bit lost and the negative thoughts were getting harder to shake off

I had done a few Yoga sessions with Louise and wanted to find out a bit more about the Consciousness coaching she offered. It was great from the first session, really easy to follow the format, I instantly felt positive and noticed a change in myself and how I felt.

Louise has a great approach and is really easy to talk to, she guided me in the right way and taught me some invaluable techniques. Overall I had 5 sessions and saw results from the very first meeting. Things seems to get better and better every day and I don’t have many negative thought anymore which is brilliant.

I’ve worked with Lou and the Three Principles based Coaching across the past year and seen big shifts in my thinking; my lifestyle and most of all my health in that short time.

I've worked with Lou and the Three Principles based Coaching across the past year and seen big shifts in my thinking; my lifestyle and most of all my health in that short time.

I'd worked with her before with Consciousness Coaching and credited her with "saving" me at some very difficult personal times so trusted her completely to try this new approach.

There were areas where I felt very stuck in my life with high levels of worry and anxiety and I remember Lou telling me that once I'd learnt this that I wouldn't be able to "un-learn" it and she was completely right. Gradually, through our sessions and all the different materials she shared, the concepts begun to fall into place and I started to see things in an entirely new light which was so freeing and exciting!

Lou coaches with so much compassion and care that it's a joy to be around her and I have (and will continue to) recommend her to everyone I meet!

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