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Beat That Booja Booja!

Booja Booja ( make the most divine organic chocolates and as I’ve recently discovered….icecream!

The great thing about their icecream is that its dairy free and its not substituted with soya milk. The main ingredient is cashew nuts plus water and agave syrup to sweeten and natural flavouring such as raw cacao, maple syrup, pecans.

Knowing the ingredients and in supply of some interesting ingredients I had bought back with me for my recent trip to Greece, I decided to get creative at home and create my own booja booja icecream.
This is what I did:

I soaked 1 cup of cashew nuts for 6 hours and drained and rinsed them.
I blended the soaked cashews with a cup of rice milk (Im sure water would be fine, I just thought it would make it more creamy!)

I reckon the key to creating a booja booja icecream is in the blending. A vitamix high power blender would be best. I did it in my pretty powerful magimix and the result was good although not quite as silky smooth as the original Booja!!

I added half a cup of agave syrup and a pinch of himalayan sea salt blended again.

Then I separated the cashew liquid into 3 batches added the following flavours, blended until smooth and put in the freezer, blending regularly until set. This takes several hours.

For Vanilla I added a Tbsp of lacuma ( A vanilla flavoured superfood) plus a teaspoon of vanilla essence and the seeds of a half a vanilla pod, just to be sure!

For Chocolate I added a Tbsp raw cacao powder and a tbsp of carob syrup ( bought from Greece!) I think date syrup would make a good substitute.

For Raspberry I added 2 Tbsp of freeze dried raspberries, blended to a fine powder (bought from Greece but easily attainable online) plus a handful of fresh raspberries from my garden and a little extra agave.

One thing to note about making icecream at home is that it’s necessary to blend the icecream every hour or so as it sets to break up ice crystals. If you have an icecream maker this makes life much easier. Unfortunately I don’t have an icecream maker anymore. If I’d have known this method of making icecream I would have kept hold of it!
So my advice would be stick to one flavour because unless you have more than 1 blender which luckily I do it will end up being very time consuming making 3 flavours at once!

They all set well and tasted delicious.
The vanilla and chocolate had a powder ingredient added and it made the icecream slightly bitty in texture. I would maybe consider adding melted chocolate next time to the chocolate version and leave out the lacuma in the vanilla version.
The raspberry was the best in texture.
Flavourwise I liked the vanilla best, my boyfriend liked the raspberry and we were equal on the chocolate.

Future flavours Im conjuring up…Lemon I think would definitely work and and coconut using coconut milk instead of ricemilk!

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