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Anthony Robbins Crazy 8

I love Anthony Robbins concept of the crazy 8. It describes the interlinking emotional states of sadness and anger that we experience when life is not in our control. He explains that unless we find a completely new emotional state we swing continually in a loop between the two, which he calls the crazy 8. The emotional responses are our attempt at regaining control or at least trying to convince ourselves we are gaining control

Sadness/depression/victim mode is at one end of the loop. Here we withdraw, feeling sorry and helpless for ourselves. We attempt to exert some control by feeling disconnected and low in mood. We are fed up, life is unfair and we see people and experiences through dark glasses. This produces a very low energy state in the body.

At the other end of the loop is the energy state of anger and blame. It is a more energetic state, fuelled by adrenaline in which the person feels more in their power. The anger creates a physical response of muscular tension, heat and increased heart rate, which is completely opposite to the lethargy experienced at the opposite end of the loop.

When the energy state of sadness increases to such a level or timespan where nothing has happened to resolve the issue, it transforms into anger energy. The anger energy state stays active until likewise, with no resolution it subsides back into depression. Each swing is designed to give us control where we otherwise feel powerless.

In order to break out of the Crazy 8 it’s important to understand what this loop of behaviour is giving you.

Where are you profiting from it? …You’re first answer may be I’m not, but check in…Does it give you variety, attention, make you feel significant or righteous?

  • Does it prevent you from standing up for yourself or making positive changes to your life?
  • Does anything trigger it or is it the same story continually repeating itself.
  • Are there any situations that particularly trigger sadness?
  • Are there any situations that particularly trigger anger?
  • What emotional state would you prefer to experience over sadness
  • What emotional state would you prefer to experience over anger.

How could you access positive energy states when you experience sadness/anger. Is there anything you could do to get off the loop?

If you have trouble finding the answers to these questions, call me for a chat to see if Consciousness Coaching could support you!

Consciousness Coaching helps you to see more clearly. It supports you in deciding where you want to be in your life, how you want to feel, what’s holding you back, what could be great that you may never have considered before as well as what are the manageable steps that can bridge you from where you are now to where you want to be.

Part of the process is in understanding and being able to control your emotional states and reactions so that you can communicate effectively, listen to your inner guidance system, and respond by taking action so that ultimately you feel in charge of your life.

If this sounds appealing, contact me for a chat about my transformational life coaching in London on 07788440211.

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