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“The intellect has questions, Wisdom has answers”

Your life is lived only by you.

Nobody else has had the same influences and unique experiences. Only you, think like you and therefore only you have the answers to your life and know what you need to do.

I only fully understood this after spending many years and lots of money exploring modalities and trainings that taught me how to attain health and happiness.

I learnt some great tools from psychological understandings, nutrition courses and yogic scriptures. One particular phrase I heard many times; ‘your answers lie within’ However, it was only when I came across the work of Sydney Banks and The Three Principles that I was really ready to hear it.

All of my work now acknowledges this understanding.

When I coach, it allows you to reflect on what’s on your mind, to cut through the clutter and to start connecting to your body and ‘listening’ deeply to what is right for you. I am passionate about sharing this beautifully effortless way of living life and in transforming your health and your understanding of how to create that for yourself.

I am an Accredited Consciousness Coach (ACC), Certified Clarity Coach in The 3 Principles Of Understanding, Nutritional Adviser (NHC DipN.Adv), and Advanced Yoga teacher (BWY, RYS 500). I have also studied Embodiment training, Mindfulness, Emotional Intelligence and Presence Coaching.

I work with business leaders, professionals and those simply striving to make a difference in the world.

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